Taverns and gourmet temples

Where to find our wines


Taverns and gourmet temples

Where to find our wines


This month's recommendation:

Café Boy


In the 1930s, Café Boy was a hotspot of anti-fascist resistance in the working class neighbourhood Sihlfeld. Willy Brandt and Tito were among the regulars. Thebeautiful bauhaus-style sight above the door is still there. Today, Café Boy is a trendy and friendly restaurant serving fine regional cuisine and great wine - apriori included.

Restaurant Safran Zunft

An institution in Basel

Alexandre Kaden has managed to turn a historical guild hall into a fresh and modern restaurant. Quite an achievement! It's the perfect blend of tradition and modernism. My wines are perfect for Kaden's fine cuisine.

Brasserie Hugo

Voilà! Dinner is served.

Hugo Buser has always had a knack for good locations. His latest project is the brasserie in the historic Ackermannshof. Now, Basel not only boasts a new French restaurant, but also a nice café and a stylish bar.


Very, very cool

Reykjavik isn't excactly a pretty town. But the bars pack a punch: Port9 is extremely stylish and friendly. The appetizers combine the local and international cuisine, and the wine menu is respectable. 


Hotel Waldhaus

Art and history

This old house is full of history and art, you can feel it everywhere. You'll notice your own steps become more dignified, your back a little straighter. Funny how the place affects you. To top it all: apriori is on the menu!

In Lain Hotel Cadonau

The Aston Martin class

The Cadonaus are a friendly and creative bunch. The hotel, built by the owner's brother and made of light pine wood, oozes hospitality and class. Where else can you rent your Aston Martin at reception?

Julen Hotels

quintus and the Matterhorn

In 1910, Meinrad Julen opened his first inn. Today, his family run nine hotels, restaurants and bars in Zermatt. And wherever their guests settle, they will find my wines on the menu. What a pleasant surprise!

Privatkochschule Batlogg

Culinary artist

Gabriele Batlogg is living her dream: Ten years ago, she started her own cookery school. In a refurbished farm, she experiments with international cuisine. Her classes are really attractive, and the food is delicious. My wine is served with the meals. A perfect match!


Le Rhin Bleu

Forward dive

Water rats, sunbathers and Le Rhin Bleu share the old bath house in Basel's Breite quarter. Here, a swim in the Rhine merges easily with a lovely dinner on the sundeck right above the water. Check out the spectacular sunsets.

Club de Bâle

Members only

This used to be the legendary Café Spillman. Today, this perfect spot is owned by a private club. The food is delicious, the ambiance is unique. Have a glass of gran espiritù and enjoy the view. It is worth the membership!


Catering mit Biss

Every dish that the bisskid  chefs serve will melt in your mouth. Whether it is a simple amuse-bouche or an elaborate five-course wedding dinner. They love to serve my wines with their food. Our cooperation has evolved into a good friendship.

Hotel Castell

Rural with an urban feel

Castell Zuoz in brief: traditional Grand Hotel meets design and contemporary art. The meals are fantastic. Every plate is a little time sculpture, just as the works of the Swiss artist Roman Signer, who is very present here.

Gasthaus Spinas
Val Bever

The tunneler's rest

 When the Albula rail tunnel was built, the workers lived at Spinas. They probably spent their evenings at the tavern that still serves hearty meals. If you walk to Val Bever, you can rest and hop right on the Albula train.

Hotel Ofenhorn

A journey through time

Oh the pioneers of alpine tourism! Did they not build the most beautiful Grand Hotels? The Ofenhorn in Binn is a fine example: Bell époque rooms with charming wallpaper and original furniture. The food is contemporary.

Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois, Brasserie

A royal menu

Fine Swiss and French food is served at the best address in town. A view of the Rhine and a glass of quintus – it's the perfect match. I always appreciate sommelier Christoph Kokemoor's expert appraisal.

Restaurant Viertelkreis

The neighbourhood's rising star

Stöff Lehmann knows, where the steak on his plates and the mirabelle plus topping his desserts come from. He also knows his guests – the workers that come for lunch and the urbanites that dine here in the evening. And yes, the food is damn good.

Tellplatz 3

Artisan snacks

Forgotten sausages, artisan cheeses and llama meat. Tellplatz 3 only serves delicate food that the owners love eating themselves. Handmade in local manufactures, always fresh and new every day. Only the wine remains constant.


Restaurant Zum Tell

Gourmet tavern

Andy Cavegn achieves a rare thing: Zum Tell is both a neighbourhood tavern and a genuinely nice place to eat in the old part of town. The guests are a motley mix, hence the uniquely charming atmosphere.

Restaurant Bad

A real character

The homemade bread is fantastic. As is the salad dressing. And try the spicy tomato soup with crab! All the food served by Jacqueline and Michael Matter-Levy makes you sigh with delight.


Restaurant Union

Burgers galore

Nachos, Burgers and Cordon Bleu. This restaurant's upscale version of fast food served in trendy surroundings goes down well with customers. There's a hip wine list to match – featuring my quintus next to Kung Fu Girl, or Zweigelt Unplugged.

Buvette St. Johann

Summer resort

The Rhine is always packed on the Kleinbasel side. So the new Buvette across the river is a real blessing. Right between St. Johanns Park and the river. A nice glass of some fresh summer wine will make your day.


Restaurant Rhyschänzli


Jérôme Beurret was the first restaurant owner in Basel to serve my wines. He keeps his menu lean, simple, and down-to-earth. The mock snails are hard to beat, and the mushroom polenta warms you from the inside out.

Restaurant Baslerhof

jeninser with a personal note

My former chemistry teacher drinks a bottle of Jenenser at the "Baslerhof" every Sunday. What an honour! This traditional country inn is well worth a visit.


Lots of art nouveau

The Kurhaus Bergün is my oldest client. You could say that I am the in-house winemaker: quintus is the establishment's house red. I imagine it has contributed to the success of many a festivity in the legendary art nouveau ballroom.

Berghotel Sternahaus

Home-made from start to finish

This hotel has the uncomplicated feel of a flat share. Guests are on first name terms, eat together at communal tables, yet are free to withdraw anytime. Just like at home – only the food is better!

Confiserie Beschle

Tout Bâle

The Confiserie Beschle is a Basel institution. All four cafes are popular haunts to enjoy a good cup of coffee, a croissant or an after-work drink. quintus and apriori are perfect for this very innovative yet traditional company.


Bärgbeiz Gempenturm

A meal with a view

At last, you can have something to eat again before climbing the Gempen look-out tower! The clifftop restaurant provides hearty meals and a fantastic view of the Jura hills.

Restaurant Albanbrücke

Local eatery with a zing

Fresh, unfussy, and plenty of last – that's the food at Ralph Bader's place. A local establishment brought back to life.

Radius 39

Can't get more local than this

This bright corner shop and café sells food and delicatessen produced within a 39 kilometre radius from Basel. From potatoes to gin. From spelt flour to my very own quintus. And in the evenings, there's sometimes live jazz.


Jack of all trades

Simon Müller is a Jack of all trades. He runs an oil mill producing a range of healthy oils. With his Café Finkmüller, he has found the perfect spot in the trendy Markthalle. There, he serves my wines, too.

Rostiger Anker

The rusty anchor

You can't get more harbour than this. Be careful, or you'll drop right into the water with your chair. So you had better watch that alcohol intake. Although, a glass of aspermont never harmed anyone, did it?

Café La Fourchette

A la Française

«Nous sommes fières d’avoir tes vins!» Bon, I'm glad to hear it. La Fourchette in Basel is an uncomplicated cafe with good food and soulful hosts. Everything is fresh, organic and local. Great to be part of it.


For mountaineers

True, there are easier ways to get a glass of quintus. But after braving the steep climb to the Kesch cabin at 2632 meters above sea level, you definitely deserve it. And to top it off: the sun setting behind the peaks. Viva!

Cantina Don Camillo

For carnivores and grain munchers

When it comes to hosting guests, Bruno Mürner and his sister Rosy are naturals. Their customers are as diverse as the menu, which ranges from vegan to French, and from Thai to home cooking. Their spelt bread is home-baked. I'm happy!

La Maison de Graciani
Kobe, Japan

Japanese-French Liaison

Susumu Sasaki has returned to Japan after 20 years in Europe. Back home, he cultivates a unique cuisine that combines Japanese tradition with European culinary art. He also has a knack for good wine: Our wines are on Susumu's wine menu. A new selection every month. It is an honur!

Ustaria Crusch Alba


Maybe the famous boy from Guarda really visited the Crusch Alba. I really think he may have. Today, we think of him as we enjoy our highland cattle carpaccio, maluns or a rich barley soup. Bun appetit!