Last year, spring was not ideal for the vineyard. But summer turned out perfect, so the vintage 2015 was of exceptional quality. Which made for lovely work in the cellar afterwards, I enjoyed being there and coaxing the best out of the raw material. There result is promising. At this moment, the jeninser 2015 is maturing in the oak barrels until this summer, when it will be pumped into the steel tanks to settler for another six months.

ripasso 2015 ist turning out beautiful: it has matured and will be ready for bottling in May, just as the table wines priora and nanumy. Last, but not least, jeninser 2014 will be ready for bottling this summer. After a difficult summer in 2014 - remember the suzuki fruitfly - it has matured into a beautiful and round wine.

I really look forward to the new vintage.