First, the rain hung much too low in the clouds throughout the summer. Next, East Asian fruit pests launched an air strike, and finally, a drone whizzed by just over our heads!

I know, some of you had holes in your stomach, others were unprepared for flying saucers, while yet others repeatedly went on a futile search for crates.

Against all odds and defying some faults in planning, we ended up harvesting exactly 840 crates or 2,149 kilos of grapes!

I was astonished to find that we had harvested about 500 kilos less than in the past year, while using almost twice the number of crates. The conclusion I draw from this: lots of stems and little fruit.

Now it's up to my skill, experience and luck to make the best of it. It won't be easy, but if you're patient and come back for the harvest in 2016, you'll get a taste.

Viva! Thanks, and all the best