Wine with a zing

Bottled in April 2017

My Jeninser AOC tastes different from the wines typically produced in the “Bündner Herrschaft” in northern Grisons. And yet, it contains the full vigour of this unique area. To make this wine, I exclusively use grapes from my own vineyard, beautifully situated in the village centre of Jenins.

The intensely aromatic Gamaret grapes grow here – besides the more traditional Pinot Noir. Gamaret is a variety from Western Switzerland that is seldom grown in the “Bündner Herrschaft“, as Pinot Noir tends to be the unchallenged leader here. The truth is that the two varieties complement each other perfectly and make for a wonderfully rich, juicy and elegant red wine.

After harvest, the dark Gamaret grapes are carefully dried in the fresh mountain air for several weeks. I let the lighter Pinot Noir grapes dry on the vine to concentrate their fruity flavour. They add a touch of warmth and lightness to this rich wine. Both varieties are then fermented separately on the mash and assembled. A lot of manual labour goes into the production of this Jeninser AOC as well as all my passion and joy – and a year’s worth of unpredictable weather. The roots remain, while the wine’s rich fullness is renewed with every vintage. 

jeninser 2013 has time to settle before it is released in 2016. Check in again to read more about this wine's character. 




Assemblage of Gamaret und Pinot Noir / Gamaret dried in a process similar to the making of Amazone / separately fermented on the mash (Gamaret 19 days, Pinot Noir 13 days) / both wines are fully fermented and matured, 30% in barriques from new and 70% from old Swiss oak / the perfect level of maturity for consumption is as always a matter of taste!