Genie in a Bottle

Bottled in December 2016

gran espíritu is an Argentine earth spirit. This blanc de blanc packs a punch: Its lively perlage tickles the nose, and a few sips of this crisp, bone-dry Chardonnay refresh the senses. Its grapes grow high up in Tupungato at 1100 metres above sea level, south of Mendoza, where the days are hot and the nights cool.

gran espíritu is produced using the “méthode champenoise”: The grapes are harvested by hand, fermented by traditional methods and aged on yeast lees for 30 months.

This is a typical Chardonnay with no frills – just like the terroir in Argentina. It tastes of fresh gooseberries and white peach, backed by the freshness of lime, its sparkling vitality fully unfolding as you drink. Refined and brimful of energy. A truly great spirit.