aspermont 2015

jeninser's little brother

Bottled in April 2017

There’s nothing wrong with a really good Pinot Noir – especially if it has ripened on the sunny slopes of Jenins.  Still, my aspermont is not a Pinot Noir like any other: First, the elegant, delicate Pinot Noir grapes are pressed. Then, about one month after harvest, I add the crushed Gamaret grapes of the jeninser – the so-called pomace – and let the mixture sit. The pomace still contains plenty of vigour and aroma, giving the Pinot Noir that certain something. ripasso is rich, but subtle. Like I said: jeninser’s little brother. It’s brand-new every year, and always genuinely Jenins.




ripasso from 100% unfiltered raw Pinot Noir, with added pomace from Gamaret grapes / second maceration, then tasted and pressed / matured in stainless steel tanks / complete malolactic fermentation / cleansing sheet filtration